Things That Might Annoy a Democrat


One would think that a book entitled Things That Might Annoy . . . A Democrat had to be written by a couple of hard- core Republicans. One would be wrong.

We are by no means right-wing nutcases. Then again, we are far from being leftist loons. In other words, we don’t break down and cry upon the mere sight of Styrofoam. Nor do we have a coronary when we come across the letters MSNBC.

Instead, like most people, we find the extremists on both sides to be, well, extremely annoying. So, if you are a part of what we like to call the “rational majority”, you should probably pick up Things That Might Annoy . . . A Republican to go along with Things That Might Annoy . . . A Democrat. Consider them a double-barreled self-defense mechanism against the whack-jobs. Should you, however, be amongst those who’d rather rip out your eardrums than listen to a Nancy Pelosi speech, then you have the “right” book in your hands. These pages will come in handy whenever you have to deal with those folks who call themselves Democrats only because it’s easier to say than “self-righteous, pseudo-intellectual, socialist jerks”. We have provided you with hundreds of humorous things to say or do to those annoying Dems. We’ve even included a 12-step program to help you convert them to your side.

There’s also an entire chapter dedicated to better logos for Democrats than the donkey. One would think that there would be nothing better for them than an “ass”. Once again, one would be wrong.

In fact, if your hatred for the left wing is truly visceral, we have included lines and acts that will lead to cardiac arrest or even spontaneous human combustion. We do feel compelled to note that those things are intended to be laughed at, not actually utilized. (You know if we didn’t include that line those litigation loving libs would be suing us. And likely using taxpayer money to do so.)

Bottom line: whether you are an irritated Independent or a person who finds Rush Limbaugh a tad too leftist, this book is for you. It also makes a great gift not only for any Democrat despiser, but also for Democrats. For what better way to annoy a Democrat than to give him a book entitled Things That Might Annoy . . . A Democrat.

As our motto states: It’s Payback Time . . . And Payback’s A Book.

Take it easy,

Paul and Dave